Theft Protection Guarantee

We Give You More

One of the best parts of being a Moni Authorized dealer is that we not only get to give you this equipment upgrade at a low cost, we also get to provide you with a package of other service related benefits.

Theft Protection Guarantee*

Our Theft Protection Guarantee is included as part of your moni service. It is our way of demonstrating our commitment to you, our valued customer. Moni will reimburse your paid insurance deductible up to $500.00 maximum if you have property loss due to a burglary while being monitored by Moni.

The theft protection guarantee is the one that most people appreciate, and it’s also what separates us from the competition. Few other companies, in the industry provide their homeowners with something like this. What this means is when someone breaks into your home, steals valuables, and causes any type of vandalism, as long as you file for it with your insurance provider, we will cover the first $500 on your homeowners insurance deductible. It’s almost like having a second insurance.

Free Move Program*

If you were to pack up and move after a year of having your system, we would leave the old system in the house, which can raise the value of the home for resale, and we would put a new system at your new location anywhere in the US.

Our move program includes free equipment, free installation, free activation and free extended service. Your monthly rate will remain the same unless you choose to add additional services. Contact Moni and speak with a Move Specialist. They can assist you with transferring your moni service to your new location.

The move program with Moni is very flexible; choose the option that works best for you!

Transfer service to your new home
Have the new homeowner take over the system and remainder of your agreement
Pay off remaining balance
Transfer your agreement to someone else, such as a family member

Homeowners Insurance Discount

Most insurance companies offer discount premiums up to 20% to homeowners that are secured by electronic security systems. So not only do you gain the peace of mind provided by a professionally installed and monitored security system, you also save money in the process.
Talk about a win-win!

Lifetime Service Warranty Program*

We also provide you with a Lifetime Service and Warranty Program; we like to call this our re- modeling program. Your technician will always perform a full diagnostic on any of your existing equipment and everything we add is brand new so you should never have a problem. Most people give us a call if they plan on doing some remodeling or other work to the home and need us to move equipment.

If you do have an issue, it will most likely be within the first three months, and we’ll service anything for free of course. But later on, if you wanted to replace any doors, windows, or paint the walls, we’ll come fix, repair or replace anything at no cost as long as you contact us directly.

This program is designed to give long life to your security system and protect you against unexpected repair bills. All parts and labor (except repair or replacement of alarm screens and replacement of batteries used in sensing devices) are covered when your security system needs service, under normal operating conditions and due to ordinary wear and tear.

False Alarm Protection Guarantee*

With the Moni False Alarm Protection Guarantee you are protected against false alarm fines that result from equipment failure. It’s what you would expect from DZ Security and Moni; providing additional peace of mind for your home or business.

If you have any false alarms due to the equipment we reuse or install, we’ll actually take care of the first $50 of any fine. As long as you have your alarm permit, you shouldn’t have any problems.

At DZ Security we pride ourselves on customer service and encourage you to give us a call if you are having any issues with your alarm system, especially false alarms. Each alarm user in Texas will be notified, whenever possible, after each false alarm. In most cases.

Your police department will respond to ALL alarm calls, whether the alarm has a valid permit or not, and whether or not the fees and fines are paid. However, in the case of such violations, additional fees and fines will be assessed. If the alarm site does not have an alarm permit (through non-registration or through having been revoked), the alarm system user will be subject to a fine of between $300 and $500, for each separate occurrence.

*Exclusive to Moni systems. Other terms and conditions may apply.