Corporate Partner / Qolsys

Corporate Partner / Qolsys

Growing up in Silicon valley, the founders of Qolsys have spent a lot of time following consumer trends, including online and the fast growing mobile segment, they have noticed an opportunity to raise the bar in the residential security space. As outsiders Qolsys had no preconceived notions of what a security panel should look or act like, except that end users were ready for something more, similar to their smartphones and tablets. By leveraging these consumer trends and re-architecting the typical security state machine into an open compute platform we are able to bring to market an intuitive, attractive and robust solution that looks and acts more like a consumer friendly tablet but designed specifically for the security industry and the growing home control market.

Qolsys has been able to take a legacy experience or requirement and present a more elegant solution, meeting the needs of the dealer while providing a more intuitive and enjoyable experience for both the installer and end user. As we uncover existing industry norms we push ourselves every day to ask “why” followed by “can we do it smarter and make it better looking?” Companies like Apple and Google have raised the bar, on behalf of our partners and the end users we need to meet the challenge.

Qolsys launched the company at ISC West in 2013 and the rest is history. They now spend every day thinking of creative ways to improve the quality of life you enjoy. Quality of life systems. Its who we are, and what we do.

The Qolsys IQ Panel

IQ Panel


The world’s first true “All-In-One” security and home automation platform, the IQ Panel is a 7” Android touchscreen with a built in camera and 6 wireless radios with no external antenna.


  • 8.5”6.5” and 7” touchscreen
  • Android OS
  • Panel camera
  • 6 wireless radios built in (Wifi, Cellular, Security R/F, Z-Wave, Image Sensor, Bluetooth)
  • Interactive services powered by
  • Dual path connectivity via wifi and cellular
  • Customizable photo frame
  • Over the air software updates
  • Home control (lights, locks, outlets, thermostat)
  • Built in microphone
  • Dedicated speaker for Two-Way Voice
  • SD card slot
  • Video tutorials and FAQs
  • Dealer message center FEATURES

IQ Door/ Window

Can be mounted on doors or windows

  • Includes easy to apply adhesive
  • Alerts IQ Panel if moved more than .5”
  • Can be programmed as “Safety Sensor” for pool gates, medicine cabinets, gun safes, and liquor storage
  • Using you can program alerts to your mobile devices informing if door or window is left open for a predetermined amount of time
  • Requires two (2) 3V CR1203 Batteries

With the IQ Door/Window you’re always connected to your home. Place these sensors on each door and window in the home to create a protective perimeter around your home. Know when these doors and windows are opened with customizable chimes and create unique names for each entry and know when they have been opened and closed. With the interactive app you’ll receive text messages when a door is left open.

IQ Motion

The Image Sensor, powered by, is an innovative device that makes a consumer grade surveillance system an affordable reality. With a still camera built into a motion sensor, the device combines two important features into a single device, making installation easy and maximizes affordability.


  • Communicates directly with the Image Sensor radio built into the IQ Panel
  • Takes pictures in both daylight and low light conditions
  • Peek in right now, the next time the sensor detects motion, or when the alarm is triggered
  • Images can be received via e-mail or text, or inside your mobile app

IQ Smoke

The IQ Smoke is more than just a noisemaker. Its a way to detect the presence of multiple fire types, whether you are home or not.


  • “Always on” technology ensures the sensor is monitored round the clock, whether your system is armed or not.
  • Ultra sensitive smoke sensor prevents false alarms while constantly monitoring
  • Heat sensor detects the rapid rise in heat that comes from a fire- even when there is no smoke (like an electrical fire)
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • 3-5 year battery life
  • Requires 3-volt lithium batteries (x2)


The IQ CO is a vital part of a home protection system, especially in those states that require detectors and in homes with gas stoves, furnaces, fireplaces and other appliances. This sensor is monitored around the clock, even when the system is not armed.

  • Especially useful in homes with danger of carbon monoxide leaks from appliances such asstoves, furnaces, fireplaces, and more.
  • Test button to ensure device is operatingcorrectly
  • Built in siren in addition to panel siren
  • Causes panel to emit “fire” tone and alertsmonitoring station of carbon monoxide
  • Should be installed low to the ground, wherecarbon monoxide would be located

IQ Tilt

You know that sinking feeling when you return home and see your garage door open? An easy entrance into our home, we keep a lot of valuable things in our garage. From cars to tools, sports equipment to freezers full of food, there’s often more valuable items in the garage than the rest of the house combined. With the IQ Tilt, you’ll know if the door is opened or closed, and can see that status on your IQ Panel or smartphone.

  • Detect current garage door “state”
  • Create notifications to let you know if door is left open or when it closes.

IQ Fob

The IQ Fob is one of the easiest ways to use your system. Most people find themselves remembering they haven’t armed their system as they get into the car, or to busy carrying things to arm their system from the IQ Panel. The IQ Fob allows you to activate your system within 100’ of the IQ Panel, and has the hidden feature of being able to activate an intrusion or “police” panic by pressing “Lock” and “Unlock” together for 3 seconds.

  • Lock button can arm in stay or away mode
  • Unlock disarms system
  • Up to 100’ range
  • Panic function

IQ Desk Fob

The IQ Desk Fob is a great backup to arming and disarming your system, allowing users to activate their system from another room, like a bedroom or office. Additionally you can activate a security or intrusion “panic” by pressing “Lock” and “Unlock” together for 3 sec, ensuring that if there is ever a problem, help will be there fast.

  • Lock button can arm in stay or away mode
  • Unlock disarms system
  • Can be installed up to 100’ from the panel
  • Easy to install with adhesive that can be mounted to almost any surface
  • Panic function

IQ Smart Socket

The IQ Smart Socket is a revolutionary Z-Wave device that allows you to control two outlets from your panel or smartphone. With a digital readout of real-time energy usage, the IQ Smart Socket will help you understand your energy consumption so you can make adjustments as desired.

  • Control up to two outlets independently
  • See real-time energy usage from the device or from your IQ Panel
  • Get historical energy reports
  • Assign custom names to your devices
  • Create custom schedules to activate devices automatically

IQ Thermostat

The IQ Thermostat is an amazing device that perfectly compliments your home control system and could help reduce energy costs.

  • Easy install backplate and wiring for flexible mounting options
  • Supports “Frequent Listening Routing Slaves” (FLiRS) when installed on 4 AA batteries for long battery life
  • Supports “Always Listening” operation on 24vAC, acts as a repeater when installed with 24vAC
  • ”Normal” and “Simple” operation modes
  • ”Auto” feature enables automatic switching from heat to cool
  • Standard (gas/electric) or heat pump compatible
  • Multi-stage system compatible: (Standard HVAC systems: 2 stage heating, 1 stage cooling; Heat pump systems: 2 stage heating, 1 stage cooling)
  • Selectable heat pump change over valve
  • Built-in flash memory stores heat and cool program settings
  • Temperature display in F or C
  • Adjustable temperature control swing/ differential.
  • 12/24 hour clock
  • Programmable filter counter
  • Low battery indicator
  • Speaks Z-Wave

IQ Glass

The IQ Glass adds an extra level of perimeter defense to your door and window sensors. Featuring pattern-recognition technology for superior detection and false alarm immunity, protects all glass types up to 1/4” Easily mounted to walls and operates when system is placed in “Stay” or “Away” mode.


  • Active when you arm in “stay” or “away”modes.
  • Typically installed on the wall opposite the windows needing protection, or on the ceiling in a room with windows on multiple sides.
  • Up to 20’ range
  • LED light activates when device detects sound

IQ Wireless Translator

The Wireless Translator can interpret the signals sent by wireless devices using other frequencies, allowing you to pair keyfobs as well as door, window, and motion sensors already installed in the home with the IQ Panel.*

The Wireless Translator comes in two varieties:
Translator HT: Speaks “345 MHz”
Translator DS: Speaks “433 MHz”


  • Translate multiple zones with a single device
  • Significant cost savings over replacing every sensor
  • Works within 100’ range of the IQ Panel
  • 72 hour battery backup

*Will NOT operate wireless life safety devices such as smoke detectors or Carbon Monoxide

IQ Temp h2O

The IQ TempH20 is three sensors combined into a single unit. With the flexibility to program it as a freeze sensor, flood sensor, and heat sensor, you’ll know when there’s a problem before it becomes a disaster.


  • Titanium contacts
  • Freeze detection alerts panel is temp drops below 45F
  • Flood detection checks for presence of water every 5 seconds
  • Heat sensor alerts panel if temperature exceeds 100F

IQ Pendant

The IQ Pendant is a one touch emergency alert device that can be worn around the neck, on the wrist, on a belt clip, or placed in a fixed location like a bedside table. This button, when pressed, sends a signal to the IQ Panel that medical assistance is needed and works within 100’ feet.


  • One touch alert
  • Great for elderly or those with medical conditions
  • Works perfectly with Two-Way voice built into the panel, allows monitoring agent to talk to customer and relay important information to authorities en route
  • Operates within 100 feet of the panel, even outside
  • Fully sealed water resistant housing (not submersible, but tested to 1 meter depth)
  • Can be worn as a lanyard or watch
  • Triggers “medical alert” like the medical panic on the panel
  • Special “medical alert” tone emanates from panel