Corporate Partner / Kwikset


Our partner Kwikset manufactures and markets a complete line of door locks and door hardware including doorknobs, door levers, deadbolts, handle sets, pocket door hardware and electronic keyless entry locks for residential and light commercial applications. Millions of families have relied on Kwikset for security and peace of mind.

Kwikset believes people shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to home security. For over 60 years, they’ve known that innovation is the greatest asset. Kwikset technology can deliver both quality and convenience to the user, but the strongest insights come from understanding the people who use these products and how they use them. At DZ Security, everything we’ve learned has led us to one simple premise – the best security is smart security.


Available in Polished Brass, Satin Nikel, and Venetian Bronze, the SmartCode Deadbolt with Home Connect Technology featuring Z-Wave enables the door lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in the home. With this smart lock and the app, you will be able to remotely check the door lock status, lock or unlock the door and receive text or email messages. Not only is this a smart lock, it’s also a durable lock:

  • The motor-driven deadbolt latch allows for true remote locking and unlocking.
  • SmartKey cylinders feature a stainless steel side-locking bar, racks and pins for increased strength and security.
  • Patented side locking bar technology offers improved security by protecting against lock bumping; an attack technique used to defeat conventional pin & tumbler locks.

Saving time, convenience, and an added peace of mind are all reason why our customers love having and using this Kwikset smart lock.

Did you lock your doors this morning? Replace your existing deadbolts with Kwikset electronic locks and you’ll never worry again about whether you locked the doors.

  • Lock and unlock doors from anywhere. Control your lock from anywhere on your smart phone, tablet, or Internet connected device with the app.
  • Get notified when someone enters your home. Receive notifications when your loved ones arrive home safely.
  • Monitor people going in and out of your home by checking your history log.
  • Control when others have access to your home. Do you have a contractor coming by on Tuesday at 3 pm, or a housekeeper that comes on Fridays between 10am-1pm?
  • You can assign a specific code and create a schedule that only allows entry into your home during those times.

Be prepared for life’s unplanned moments. No matter where you are – work, vacation, or on the road, if something goes wrong in your home, you can remotely provide temporary access to those who need it.