Corporate Partner / Liftmaster

We decided to establish a partnership with LiftMaster because of the company’s experience and inventive spirit. LiftMaster has been in business for more than 45 years. In addition, the garage door opener experts lead the industry in major categories like safety, innovation and quality. Garage door openers entered the market as a luxury. Today, the product is a common home feature. In fact, more than 70 percent of homeowners use their garage door as a main point of home entry. Home automation is handy, and it adds security.

LiftMaster MyQ Connected Home Devices


Today’s technology is making garage door openers more convenient. For instance, by investing in a MyQPCK device, you will have the option of operating your home’s garage door remotely. The MYQPCK upgrades your 1998 or newer LiftMaster garage door opener to a home feature that can be controlled with a computer or smartphone. The system comes with remote controls and MyQ-Enabled accessories. Once you’ve activated the system, you can use your wireless devices to open or close your garage door. You can also control the opener’s interior lights.

When you’re away from home, the system will automatically lock all of the exterior remote control signals. By installing a MyQ Connected Home device, you’ll never again wonder whether you closed your garage door because the system will close it for you automatically after a preprogrammed amount of time. For added safety, the system comes with a movement sensor.


If you have a garage door opener manufactured by another company, you can still take advantage of LiftMaster’s technology with the MyQ Garage device. To give you smartphone control, the system uses Photo Eyes as well as 2gig Technologies Home Security equipment. The MyQ Garage system lets you open and close your garage door from a remote location. You can also use the technology to control the lighting for monitoring. It can operate two garage door openers, but you will need an extra door sensor for this convenience.

Consumer Benefits

With the option to control your garage door opener remotely, you’ll increase the security of your home. The company’s home automation units include closing, locking and activation features. Integrated garage door opening devices add an extra layer of safety while increasing the convenience of the home feature.

The Liftmaster Elite Series® with myQ will make you rethink what’s possible in a Garage Door Opener. With a full-suite of innovative features including smartphone control, Battery Backup and advanced security features, these openers will give you peace of mind that your garage is always safe and secure.